Guilherme Candido

Guilherme Candido is both a director and editor. He co-founded the LGBTQIA+ collective Gleba do Pêssego, which values diversity in front of and behind cameras. He has directed and written short films, music videos, and commercials, working for brands such as Mercado Livre, Facebook, and Motorola. Guilherme believes in audiovisual as a tool for social transformation and has been mixing up different visual languages in his films, always eager to create plural universes and scenarios yet to be reached.


Rua Voluntarios da Patria - 455

Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro - Rj - Brasil

CEP 22270-000 - Tel - 5521 2101 7552

Avenida Queiroz Filho 1700 - casa de vila 44

Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

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