Joana do Prado

Joana do Prado is a director, screenwriter and photographer. She moves between advertising, cinema and photography, with an emphasis on creation and imagery and aesthetics that translate vital forces of existence, being a gateway to different protagonists, from imaginative, documentary and fictional perspectives. Currently, she has made advertising films for brands such as: Vivo, Jeep, Coca-Cola, Natura and Brastemp, which won gold at MAA Globes. She directed two TV series, one of which won the TelaViva award, and develops a feature documentary film covering gender and female issues - winner of PRODAV / FSA. 


Rua Voluntarios da Patria - 455

Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro - Rj - Brasil

CEP 22270-000 - Tel - 5521 2101 7552

Avenida Queiroz Filho 1700 - casa de vila 44

Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

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